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QSLP: Quiky note 2 March 12, 2010

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QSLP: Quiky note 2

First off  I will be using my sara9mm twitter account so be sure to catch me on twitter for relative in formation and small pure live posts

Secondly do to radio operators using “QSL” as code wording for received transmission cards I will be using “QSLP” to Mean  “Quick Semi-Live Post”  instead of QSL

On that note I will be changing the category name and the names of previous posts I posted under QSL.


Adding the ocastional Quick Semi-Live Post. March 9, 2010

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Before I post another blog I must  tell you my readers that on occasion I will be posting   quick semi-live blogs. Not purely live (i.e not as live as twitter) but blogs which relate to an instant feeling in which is relative to my question.  These types of post I will give them the name QSL for “Quick semi-live”.



So blab la bla.


A quicky note on how I will post. March 4, 2010

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Since at present time I do not wish to video myself I will be blogging.

Side note: to to all my readers who are also Youtubers; Vlog lovers; out right video junkies or just regular video watchers I do not at present time have any videos on my sara9mm youtube account.

With that said, I will be posting as if I were Vlogging a sort of semi-transcription. With the occasional inter monologue and or sounds and external converstional dialog in dialog format

for exsample

bla bla bla bla bla. Then I bla bla bla.

“Hummph” I sigh as I write this.
Okidoky now you can understand my format a wee bit better giggles.