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QSLP: Quiky note 2 March 12, 2010

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QSLP: Quiky note 2

First off  I will be using my sara9mm twitter account so be sure to catch me on twitter for relative in formation and small pure live posts

Secondly do to radio operators using “QSL” as code wording for received transmission cards I will be using “QSLP” to Mean  “Quick Semi-Live Post”  instead of QSL

On that note I will be changing the category name and the names of previous posts I posted under QSL.


Adding the ocastional Quick Semi-Live Post. March 9, 2010

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Before I post another blog I must  tell you my readers that on occasion I will be posting   quick semi-live blogs. Not purely live (i.e not as live as twitter) but blogs which relate to an instant feeling in which is relative to my question.  These types of post I will give them the name QSL for “Quick semi-live”.



So blab la bla.


A piece of my back story March 5, 2010

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A piece of my back story
For all my readers I live in the United States of America.
I must tell you my readers that I am 22 y.o, I live at home and I am unemployed.  Yes, I live at home jobless with My mother and here Boyfriend. 
“hummphhff” I sigh in a lamenting tone.
Well.. Technically, I have not yet left home. I haven’t left home yet because with whom I live, we all decide it more economical for me to live at home while attending college. I live in a mid-sized city with a State university, City university and a Multi-campus county wide Community college not to mention about three (that I know of from their TV ads anyway) small ass expensive privet for  profit collages.  So needless to say, I live at home.  
         Although when attending classes( at the sweet awesome rad community college) I was doing fine at first until  the awesome parting began long story short I fell  just below a 2.0 ,one class and I’m out of academe. probation,  and I ended up on academic probation. Which is bs because all the money I was getting for school was free from the government (the 2.0 thing is a school only policy not a policy of the U.S.A government). So I went to school the following semester on my mother’s money and rather  then continue to have her spend large ass sums of money. I decided not to quit but to just not attend classes (spring semester 2009!) to get a job. Little did I know that the economy was going to go booommm crash and recover so slowly that it seems to be getting worse. On the bright side, we did get a half black president out of it. So my goal of starting out a McD’s then moving up in the job market failed and so did my attempt to get a job anywhere else. You see where I live unlike other places most folks went broke or uber stingy after the crash. So I am now reading up on IT cert. books (which  my wonderful mother and her bf already have and have also purchased for me) like a+, mcp et cetera to hopefully pass those expensive ass for profit tests to get a piece of paper  to get me a better than min wage job.
So that’s a little piece of my back-story.