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The everyday and my gendervoice profile March 26, 2010

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Sorry My Readers about the lapse in posts over the past few weeks, it’s just that well… I have been in my regular flowing en man mode (I live as male).  The truth is I find that when I am en man I find nothing interesting to blog about however, I have noticed since I started blogging I catch myself reading blogs about other people’s everyday quit normal lives. Which has brought me to believe that somewhere out in this big world “we aptly named earth” that someone would take the time to read the mundane-boring as much as the interesting-dramatic  blog entries I post.  So here goes, What’s happened since my last post….

I got new glasses (all men’s styles) great twofers deal at this great big glasses store in my area. Well it was more you pay the higher price and get the seconded one free.  I got a pair of wrapping ray bands (the fashion version of ski sunglasses) and a pair of regular job interview glasses.  The Higher priced frames were not the ray bands but the regular frames (glasses frames). Now the reason I got the ray bands was not just for a great sunglasses look (transition lenses) but so I could have part of the prescription lens (if it works that is) for my side peripheral  vision. Yes yes, I plan on putting regular transition lenses in the ray bands and no there not big huge aviator frames. I will post again to tell you how the curved lenses worked out.

The other thing that has happened was self-studying for a+ certification (computer repair).  I also Joined Gender voice as sara9mm  http://www.gendervoice.com/sara9mm

Well that’s all that’s happened oh yah by the way Happy St. Patrick’s day



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