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A piece of my back story March 5, 2010

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A piece of my back story
For all my readers I live in the United States of America.
I must tell you my readers that I am 22 y.o, I live at home and I am unemployed.  Yes, I live at home jobless with My mother and here Boyfriend. 
“hummphhff” I sigh in a lamenting tone.
Well.. Technically, I have not yet left home. I haven’t left home yet because with whom I live, we all decide it more economical for me to live at home while attending college. I live in a mid-sized city with a State university, City university and a Multi-campus county wide Community college not to mention about three (that I know of from their TV ads anyway) small ass expensive privet for  profit collages.  So needless to say, I live at home.  
         Although when attending classes( at the sweet awesome rad community college) I was doing fine at first until  the awesome parting began long story short I fell  just below a 2.0 ,one class and I’m out of academe. probation,  and I ended up on academic probation. Which is bs because all the money I was getting for school was free from the government (the 2.0 thing is a school only policy not a policy of the U.S.A government). So I went to school the following semester on my mother’s money and rather  then continue to have her spend large ass sums of money. I decided not to quit but to just not attend classes (spring semester 2009!) to get a job. Little did I know that the economy was going to go booommm crash and recover so slowly that it seems to be getting worse. On the bright side, we did get a half black president out of it. So my goal of starting out a McD’s then moving up in the job market failed and so did my attempt to get a job anywhere else. You see where I live unlike other places most folks went broke or uber stingy after the crash. So I am now reading up on IT cert. books (which  my wonderful mother and her bf already have and have also purchased for me) like a+, mcp et cetera to hopefully pass those expensive ass for profit tests to get a piece of paper  to get me a better than min wage job.
So that’s a little piece of my back-story.


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