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I am who I am March 3, 2010

Posted by sara9mm in About, Me in informational posts.

To get this blog off and rolling the majority of this post today will be in informational points.

Who am I well… Let’s start with who and what I know I am (note: the small numbers revere you to notes in the second section of this post)

  • I was born physically male
  • As far as I know  I am Genetically male 1.
  • At present time my body is physically male 2.
  • I am 5 feet 7 inches or 170.2cm.
  • I am a slender 145 lb or 65.77 kg.
  • A Person who feels comfortable in women’s  and men’s fashions3.

What I have not done as of yet,

  • 1.  I have never been genetically tested for gender verification. To Clarify, I have never undergone testing to determine my gender at a genetic level.
  • 2.  I have never received or under gone any medical feminization treatments chemical or surgical. To Clarify, I have never taken female hormones or undergone any form of FFS or SRS.
  • On that note I have never had any testing to check the levels of my testosterone or estrogen.
  • 3.  I have never been outside my home as or in the role of a typical female


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