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QSLP: Where I’ve been. June 18, 2011

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It’s been over a year since I blogged last. Not that anyone is reading this blog yet. However, I digress it’s been Americas recession. I’ve been looking for work and getting back into school. I also visited family in early December 2010. So I thankfully have been distracted from my issues of Gender. So that’s that maybe this time I can blog on a regular basis.


The everyday and my gendervoice profile March 26, 2010

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Sorry My Readers about the lapse in posts over the past few weeks, it’s just that well… I have been in my regular flowing en man mode (I live as male).  (more…)

QSLP: Quiky note 2 March 12, 2010

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QSLP: Quiky note 2

First off  I will be using my sara9mm twitter account so be sure to catch me on twitter for relative in formation and small pure live posts

Secondly do to radio operators using “QSL” as code wording for received transmission cards I will be using “QSLP” to Mean  “Quick Semi-Live Post”  instead of QSL

On that note I will be changing the category name and the names of previous posts I posted under QSL.